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Wikis Comparison

I’ve decided to put my knowledge on the web. The best tool for that it’s wiki with all its inter/hyperlinks, categorization, and bread-crumbs. To find which wiki is right for me I’ve tried different wikis. Most of them are good for some specific purposes, others are just terrible and I don’t understand why are they still alive. Anyway, for my scientific purposes, I need the following.

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Connect to WordWeb and create Thesaurus button (WinEdt 6)

WordWeb is one of the best free software thesauruses, that can be incorporated into WinEdt 6 editor. One can look for synonyms, or antonyms, as well as for wiki-like definitions. I propose to add a button for using WordWeb with a single click.

  1. Install the WordWeb.
  2. In Options→Options… menu, choose Menus and Toolbar…→Toolbars→Toolbar (2 Rows) in options panel (opens the file “Toolbar2.ini”).
  3. Choose an appropriate place for you button (e.g., after “BUTTON=”Paste””).
  4. Insert the next line: BUTTON=”Thesaurus
  5. Right click on Toolbars→Toolbar (2 Rows), and Load script to update the buttons.