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WinEdt 6 Configuration

Borrowed from Jeromy Anglim:

WinEdt 6.0 for LaTeX: Features, Configuration, and Resources

Features that I like

In particular there were several Features in WinEdt that I liked at first glance:

  • Tree View can be customised
  • Automatically display your current location in TOC
  • Colour coding that aids usability
  • Intelligent defaults
  • Options to customise almost anything
  • Easy configuration interface with MikTeX
  • One click build process for LaTeX documents
  • Intuitive default shortcut keys and intuitive alt menu letters
  • Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down navigates between paragraphs.

The remainder of this post discusses: configuration, features, and set up ideas.

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Add MathType support to WinEdt 6

In the MathType, choose Preferences→Cut and Copy Preferences: set MathML or text bullet, LaTeX 2.09 and later, uncheck all the check boxes.
We want to add two new buttons that run MathType formula editor (supposed installed).
The first one, inserts $formula$ inline: it opens the MathType, then the formula is manually written and copied to the clipboard, and MathType is closed; then the formula is inserted between the dollar signs.
The second one, inserts labeled and numbered formula in the equation environment.

Add automatic functionality to Cite and Ref buttons (WinEdt 6)

Automatically open Graphical prompts for choosing citations and references for citation and reference buttons.
1. Open MainMenu.ini file (in the options menu).
2. Find item: ITEM=”Citation”
3. For that item replace the MACRO by:
MACRO=”BeginGroup;LetReg(6,’\cite{‘);LetReg(7,’}’);LetReg(8,’Bib’);LetReg(9,’Bibliography Items’);Exe(‘%B\Macros\References\CommonMenuReferences.edt’);EndGroup;”
4. For the following item: ITEM=”Reference”, replace the MACRO by:
MACRO=”BeginGroup;LetReg(6,’\ref{‘);LetReg(7,’}’);LetReg(8,’Label’);LetReg(9,’Label Items’);Exe(‘%B\Macros\References\CommonMenuReferences.edt’);EndGroup;”
5. Right click on MainMenu, and Load script to update the buttons.

Unhide cite, ref, label, and footnote buttons (WinEdt 6)

In the default toolbar all these buttons are hidden in the drop-down menu. I want to unhide them and to put them in line.
  1. In Options→Options… menu, choose “Menus and Toolbar…→Toolbars→Toolbar (2 Rows)” in options panel (opens the file “Toolbar2.ini”).
  2. Find the line: BUTTON=”Citation”
  3. Comment 7 lines after that, namely: // TYPE=6 … // MENU=”Footnote”
  4. Insert instead:
    • BUTTON=”Reference”

    • BUTTON=”Label”

    • BUTTON=”Footnote”

  5. Right click on Toolbars→Toolbar (2 Rows), and Load script to update the buttons.

GUI for image insertion button (WinEdt 6)

Instead of inserting text with spacers for Caption, Label, and image filename, I propose to call a built-in MUI (GUI) application for this purpose, by reprogramming the figure insert button.
  1. Open for editing: %B\Menus\Insert\Image.edt file (where %b is the base directory, e.g., C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt 6\).
  2. Comment with “//” all the lines in :TeX::— section, and insert instead: