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WinEdt 6 Configuration

Borrowed from Jeromy Anglim:

WinEdt 6.0 for LaTeX: Features, Configuration, and Resources

Features that I like

In particular there were several Features in WinEdt that I liked at first glance:

  • Tree View can be customised
  • Automatically display your current location in TOC
  • Colour coding that aids usability
  • Intelligent defaults
  • Options to customise almost anything
  • Easy configuration interface with MikTeX
  • One click build process for LaTeX documents
  • Intuitive default shortcut keys and intuitive alt menu letters
  • Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down navigates between paragraphs.

The remainder of this post discusses: configuration, features, and set up ideas.

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GUI for image insertion button (WinEdt 6)

Instead of inserting text with spacers for Caption, Label, and image filename, I propose to call a built-in MUI (GUI) application for this purpose, by reprogramming the figure insert button.
  1. Open for editing: %B\Menus\Insert\Image.edt file (where %b is the base directory, e.g., C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt 6\).
  2. Comment with “//” all the lines in :TeX::— section, and insert instead: