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Add automatic functionality to Cite and Ref buttons (WinEdt 6)

Automatically open Graphical prompts for choosing citations and references for citation and reference buttons.
1. Open MainMenu.ini file (in the options menu).
2. Find item: ITEM=”Citation”
3. For that item replace the MACRO by:
MACRO=”BeginGroup;LetReg(6,’\cite{‘);LetReg(7,’}’);LetReg(8,’Bib’);LetReg(9,’Bibliography Items’);Exe(‘%B\Macros\References\CommonMenuReferences.edt’);EndGroup;”
4. For the following item: ITEM=”Reference”, replace the MACRO by:
MACRO=”BeginGroup;LetReg(6,’\ref{‘);LetReg(7,’}’);LetReg(8,’Label’);LetReg(9,’Label Items’);Exe(‘%B\Macros\References\CommonMenuReferences.edt’);EndGroup;”
5. Right click on MainMenu, and Load script to update the buttons.

GUI for image insertion button (WinEdt 6)

Instead of inserting text with spacers for Caption, Label, and image filename, I propose to call a built-in MUI (GUI) application for this purpose, by reprogramming the figure insert button.
  1. Open for editing: %B\Menus\Insert\Image.edt file (where %b is the base directory, e.g., C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt 6\).
  2. Comment with “//” all the lines in :TeX::— section, and insert instead: