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Wikis Comparison

I’ve decided to put my knowledge on the web. The best tool for that it’s wiki with all its inter/hyperlinks, categorization, and bread-crumbs. To find which wiki is right for me I’ve tried different wikis. Most of them are good for some specific purposes, others are just terrible and I don’t understand why are they still alive. Anyway, for my scientific purposes, I need the following.

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Software for Knowledge Management

Each day we get an overwhelming amount of information. Web surfing, books, scientific papers are all the sources of new data. To keep up with all these data, we need to use some software. Unfortunately, there is no a single software that will keep all our knowledge, with fast and simple editing tools, and that will be able to search/remind/find answers to our questions. Also, not all softwares are able to keep math formulas (see the following discussion).

The main question here is how we remember things…How can I find something that I (or somebody else) had inserted in some knowledge database, if I don’t know/remember if it exists at all?

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Comparison of Mathematical Add-ins for Wikis and Onenote

The math formulas should be easily included in blogs, or knowledge databases, but, unfortunately, most HTML and proprietary formats do not support math. These math tools should be included as add-ins. Each add-in has its own pros and cons, and I want to compare those from my perspective. Since I work with Latex, I’d like the formulas to be converted easily to Latex, or written in Latex. The formulas should be convertible to one of MathType formats. I also prefer WYSIWYG type of inserting formulas.

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