My Favorite Productivity Tools

Summarization of my favorite productivity software tools to manage papers, books, and knowledge in general.

1) Calibre – second to none book manager. 

  • It’s free
  • Automatic metadata and cover extraction
  • Easy to use
  • A lot of customization
  • Nice plugins
  • Updated very often (in active development)
  • Unfortunately, no DJVU metadata support

2) Mendeley – A good scientific paper manager.

  • The best metadata extraction so far
  • Nice interface
  • 1GB space

3) WinEdt – Latex editor

  • After some useful tweaks, this program can even emulate Lyx (visual Latex), well except the WYSIWYG preview of formulas and images.
  • The learning curve is not fast, but worth it.
  • Re-programmable general text editor

4) MS Outlook – Mail, RSS, and Personal Information (tasks, meetings, dates, etc.) Manager (PIM)

  • Still the best PIM around
  • No mail backups to a central server for POP accounts.

5) MS OneNote – All in one personal knowledge manager.

  • Sync to Skydrive
  • Copy/paste of anything, from web pages to videos and data files

2 responses to “My Favorite Productivity Tools

  1. Another productivity tool which I want to recommend you is Proofhub. Its a project management and collaboration tool. Have a look on it.

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